Aquí tienen una lista de las letras de canciones de algunos juegos de Sonic, pronto iré colocando más.

Opening Theme - Open Your Hearth

Sonic's Theme - I Doesn't Matter

Tail's Theme - Belive In Myself

Knuckle's Theme - Unknow From M.E

Amy's Theme - My Sweet Sassion

Big's Theme - Lazy Days

Main Theme - Live and Learn

Sonic's Theme - I Doesn't Matter

Tails Theme - Belive In Myself

Knuckles Theme - Unknow From M.E

Shadow Theme - Throw It All Away

Rouge - Fly In The Freedom

Eggman's Theme - E.G.G.M.A.N

Opening Theme - Sonic Heores

Team Sonic Theme - We Can

Team Dark Theme - This Machine

Team Rose Theme - Follow Me

Team Chaotix Theme - ""

Metal Overlord - What Im Made Of!

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